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"I highly recommend Billy, especially if you're looking for someone to do deep tissue work.  As a femme person, I haven't always felt comfortable working with masc massage therapists in the past, but Billy has been great.  He's very cool and knowledgeable, which you would expect from someone with a fascinating background (as a former military spouse, I appreciate folks who also have complex backstories).  Writing this review has reminded me how overdue I am for a massage with him. "

Sarah of Kennesaw, GA

"The office itself is a very welcoming place. Billy gives an excellent deep tissue massage. But when I came in with pain from a chronic condition, he was able to relieve the pain in just one massage. My doctor was suggesting I go on very strong pain relief drugs, and after Billy "fixes" me, I can go up to two weeks with no pain pills. I recommend him 100%."

Tammy P. of Kennesaw, GA

"Billy has magic hands! His energy is very grounding, and from the first touch he helped me settle into my body. Even during a short 30 minute session, he quickly targeted some long-standing (years!) musculoskeletal issues and made more progress on resolving them than I've ever made before with anyone else. He is incredibly knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced and I can't wait to go back for more to address other pains and issues in my body."

Sam of Atlanta, GA

"I have been to various different massage therapists over the years and Billy is by far the best. He is extremely knowledgeable of the body and how the interplay of muscles impact the release of tension. He often will find areas of tension that you may not even realize are there. He's great at getting to the root of the issue and doing everything he can to work it out. He is very mindful of consent and the comfort of his clients while in session and is extremely friendly and has a very calming energy. Whether you have had massage therapy done before or are completely new to the experience, you will be in great hands (literally!) with Billy."

Danyelle, Kennesaw, GA

"I consistently benefit from Billy's excellent services in managing ongoing back issues, but also often refer clients from my psychotherapy practice to him for massage. I know that my clients will find him personable, understanding, and willing to work to create the atmosphere of safety and professionalism that they need."

Rachel K. of Atlanta, GA

"I went to see Billy just for a massage because I was tight and exercising and stretching were getting hard for me. Through the initial consultation, he asked a lot of questions and he also told me he could help with my elbow. I had injured it several months previous and couldn't do certain exercises with my arms because of it. I knew I was in good hands.

Billy did an excellent job on me. A week later, my elbow was no longer hurting and I was able to exercise easily. I will go to him as much as I can because I know he will work with me not only on my own goals, but others I might not have even thought of because he knows what he is doing.

I highly recommend his services. He is kind, professional and chooses great music for the sessions!"

Amber D. of Atlanta, GA

"Billy Brand is the owner and the massage therapist. He is absolutely amazing! I've been through years of physical therapy and pain management and the summer of 2015 my Neurologist and Spine Specialist had given up. I found Billy through a friend and he has been working with me, solving mysteries normally dismissed as peripheral neuropathy. Within six months, he has helped me regain my flexibility, ability to walk, removal from opiate pain management and now I am able to sleep at night!

I can't emphasize this enough - I went from barely able to walk, using a cane or scooter when I had to move to walking up and down stairs and driving long distances in six months just by visiting Billy once a week.

His knowledge of deep tissue massage and the human body is also beneficial for just a wonderful relaxing massage, and he is less expensive than those costly spas. He is very respectful and is always training in new techniques to better assist his clients."

Aldea B. of Atlanta, GA

"If you are looking for someone who is going to cater to your needs and be extremely respectful, Billy Brand is your guy. I have a history of back and knee pain and Billy has been extremely helpful in helping me manage my pain throughout the years. Everything from resetting my hip to relieving the tension in my back to helping me cope with my daily knee pain, Billy is the one that I turn to."

Brittani H. of Marietta, GA

"Billy is not only a very enjoyable person to be around, but also, he really knows what he is doing and how to help fix what ails. Many 'massage therapists' I've had work on me have offered more massage than actual therapy. After a session with Billy my problem areas (angry shoulder and hip determined to disrupt life) feel better for longer, because he clearly has a good understanding of how a body is put together and how we (un)commonly overtax ourselves and how to remedy the inevitable results. Also nice to have his observations about one's physiology explained and suggestions for long-term activity modifications. Would happily, and do, recommend to all friends and acquaintances."

Eli E. of GA

"Can't say enough great things about Billy's work! Not only is he great with full-body massage to help you relax, but he knows so much about the inner workings of the body that he can help with any issue you throw at him. And the new location is convenient and relaxing. Highly recommended!"

Alexandra P. of GA

"Billy has been my 'body works' professional for several years now, ever since I had surgery to correct back issues. He is a wonderful professional and also has a cheerful smile and demeanor to go with the knowledgeable mind! I recommend him heartily!"

Shana C. of GA

"Anytime I'm in the area I go see Billy. Best massage therapist I've found, he has kept me moving even when I my muscles and joints can't take anymore."

Alyssa A. of New Braunfels, TX

"Billy is amazing! I've been going to different massage therapists for years and no matter what area was bothering me, the massages all felt the same. Billy was the only one that felt unique right from the get go. It felt like he was actually listening to the needs of my body vs just methodically preforming on me. If I was local to the area, I would absolutely book him on the regular. "

Andy D. of Oakland, CA