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Billy E. Brand, II, LMT

Anatomy Nerd, Transformers Geek, Muscle Fixer...

I am a Georgia native and grew up just south of Atlanta. I wanted to be a Massage Therapist since High School, but more on that later.

I traveled interesting path over the years, working in retail and in construction. There isn't a part of a restaurant I haven't worked. And bars? You want to know about backing or bouncing? Oh, cars? Engine or transmission repair, I did 'em both.

I even worked traveling with the Renaissance Festivals, making jewelry, armor, and eventually insults.

I also became an EMT. Which touched on a core concept of mine, as I wanted to help people get better. I was an EMT with an active license for 15 years. And while I could help people in crisis, I couldn't affect their recovery that much. Don't get me wrong, doing CPR and using an AED to restart a heart helps a person a whole lot... but I mostly just moved people from one place to another, and I very rarely got to learn of their outcome. And being so near people that were hurt, injured and sick so often and not knowing if you contributed... it wears on you.

So, I was complaining to my significant other, saying that the system sucked, that we were taxis more than caregivers. I had said it all before and would probably have said it again, if she hadn't said to me, “If you aren't happy, then fix it!" She is very smart.

I felt the need to help, to use my own knowledge and skills to help people heal. I remembered High School.

I loved the Sciences. I had a real knack for Anatomy and Physiology even back then. I also have a mom that at the time worked in restaurants to make ends meet. She would come home exhausted. Invariably, her complaint would be her feet hurt. So, I rubbed them. As I learned how the foot worked, I was told I got better at it. Then I learned the shoulder and the neck. I thought about going to school to learn to do massage for real. But it wasn't then.

So, in 2010, I returned to school at Gwinnett College of Sandy Springs. I attended day and night classes because I was still working as an EMT and had to schedule around my days on the ambulance. Eventually, I graduated summa cum laude and Valedictorian... It helps to have a lot of knowledge of the body even before you start classes!

Since then, I have continued to study many different massage systems. I have had clients of every body type and of every age range. I have been a part of the healing process of many different injuries and illnesses. I am a healer in more than just name.

I wanted to help people to feel better.

Now I do.

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